Either This Is Matt Patricia’s Burner Twitter Account Or It’s One Heck Of A Facsimile

Is This Is Matt Patricias Burner Twitter Account Or A Facsimile

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When Matt Patricia was fired after the Lions’ 41-25 drubbing at the hands of the Houston Texans, the only person in America who might have been surprised was… well, no one. No one was surprised.

Numerous former Lions players had gone on record bashing their one-time coach who struggled to a 13–29–1 (.314) record during his tenure with Detroit.

So pretty much everyone who is a fan of the Lions was very happy and not at all shocked to see him get the boot. Especially after Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp was spotted looking like this during the game on Thanksgiving.

One Lions fan, however, Twitter user @EddyPLionsFan, was not on board with Patricia’s firing.

As The Big Lead points out, Lions fan Eddy P almost exclusively has tweeted about almost nothing but Patricia this season.

Interestingly, all of faceless Eddy P’s tweets were posted at times either before the season began or after Patricia was fired.

Lions fan Eddy P describes himself as “Dad of 3. Married to my beautiful wife. Detroit Lions fan. Tech Nerd.”

Matt Patricia’s middle name is Edward. Matt Patricia has three kids. Matt Patricia graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Eddy P follows 77 people, many of whom are former New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Tom Brady, as well as Barstool Sports.

Pretty crazy, all those coincidences, huh?

Since Patricia got fired, Lions fan Eddy P has been all about defending the team’s now former coach, even providing some behind the scenes insight that he somehow acquired, from somewhere.

So it this Matt Patricia’s burner Twitter account? If it isn’t, someone out there is doing an incredible job of pretending that it is. Either way, it’s hilarious. Just for different reasons.

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