5’9” Isaiah Thomas Rejecting Demarcus Cousins And Talking Shit After Is An Inspiration To Little People Everywhere

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Short people have the short end of the stick. Short people can’t see at concerts, need to go up one step at a time, are discriminated against by girls on Tinder who have a “height requirement,” and can’t even enjoy the exhilarating rush of riding a roller coaster.

But there are some acts that defy height and make us re-evaluate the capabilities of our society’s little people. And today that came in the form of a monster block by 5’9” Isaiah Thomas on 6’1” Demarcus Cousins. Thomas is balling out this year, being named to the 2016 Eastern Conference All-Star team. He is just the ninth player who under 6 feet to be named an All-Star. What a goddamn inspiration.

[h/t Deadspin]

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