NBA Fans Got A Good Laugh Out Of Isiah Thomas Saying Michael Jordan Owes Him A Public Apology

Isiah Thomas Says Michael Jordan Owes Him An Apology Fans React

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The long-brewing Isiah Thomas versus Michael Jordan beef doesn’t look like it is going to be ending anytime soon.

Scratch that. The Isiah versus MJ beef is never going to end.

Ever since the Pistons walked off the court after losing to Jordan’s Bulls in the 1990s without shaking their hands (and perhaps even before that) these two NBA legends have not gotten along.

Those bad feelings were exacerbated when Michael Jordan, recalling the incident in the 2020 documentary The Last Dance, His Airness called Thomas an a–hole.

Jordan hasn’t spoken about it since then, but Isiah Thomas, on the other hand, has talked about it almost every time he gets interviewed.

Thomas has claimed that until he watched The Last Dance, he had no idea that Jordan hated him.

He has also on more than one occasion since the documentary tried to build himself up by downplaying Michael Jordan’s achievements and saying he isn’t the GOAT.

Isiah Thomas now says Michael Jordan needs to publicly apologize to him

This week, Thomas made an appearance during the Abhi Dabi NBA game being broadcast by Greek NBA rights holder COSMOTE TV.

And once again, there was Isiah Thomas talking about Michael Jordan.

“When I was watching The Last Dance, I’m sitting there and I’m watching it with my family and I’m thinking everything is good,” Eurohoops reports Thomas said.

“And then this guy comes on television and he says that he hates me and then he calls me an a–hole. And then I proceed to watch a whole documentary about him being an a–hole. I’m like wait a minute, time out.

“Until I get a public apology, this beef is gonna go on for a long long time, cause I’m from the west side of Chicago.”

Most of the reactions by NBA fans to Thomas saying Jordan owed him apology have been along the lines of “good luck with that.”

“All I gotta say. MJ lives rent free in his head lol,” another fan tweeted.

“This sh-t is 30 years old and it still bothering you?? C’mon man!” another commented.

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