Professional Motorcyclist Avoids Crashing At 150 MPH By Doing The ‘Stanky Leg’

by 9 months ago

Professional motorcycle racer James ‘Dynamite’ Hillier almost crashed his bike while going 150 MPH in the Isle of Man TT Poker Stars Senior race last weekend. He survived by thinking quickly and busting out the ‘Stanky Leg’ dance in order to regain the balance of his bike.

Every one of you bros out there has heard ‘Stanky Leg’ from GS Boyz. ‘Stanky Leg’ is one of those songs that has an eponymous dance to go along with the song. For a hot minute, it was almost as if the dance had transcended the song. The dance was everywhere…and then it wasn’t. All of these dances die as quickly as they become popular (when’s the last time you heard about the ‘Harlem Shake’?!).

Another notable rider at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Poker Stars Senior wasn’t as fortunate as James Hillier. Pro racer Ian Hutchinson crashed his bike and the Tyco BMW rider was left with a fractured femur. The grizzly crash was captured on Ian Hutchinson’s helmet camera and gives you a sense of just how fast these riders are going during the Isle of Man TT races:

Maybe, just maybe, Ian Hutchinson will see the footage of James Hillier doing the ‘Stanky Leg’ and next time he’ll be able to bust that dance out in place of crashing.

(h/t DIGG Video)

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