J.J. Watt Got Asked To The Army Ball And How Could He Possibly Say No?

No way J.J. Watt can possibly turn down this angel of the Armed Forces.

All the ladies love J.J. Watt. Hell, I’m a heterosexual guy and I’d even consider dating him. Bro might be the nicest, coolest dude on the planet.

When he isn’t performing amazing athletic feats he’s getting hit on by busty Playboy models and our childhood crushes. And that’s just when isn’t doing things like being an all-around nice guy.

So is it any surprise that someone like Army Private Camille Coffey would want to have him as her date at the Army Ball?

Hey, if Ronda Rousey is going to the Marine Corp Ball, surely J.J. can make it to her ball, right?

The Army Ball is on December 11th in Maryland, which is a Thursday, and Watt has a game on December 13th at home in Houston. I have to think that this is doable, don’t you? She even sings sweet cover songs!

C’mon, “Mr. I can’t find a girlfriend,” let’s do this!

H/T The Roosevelts