Jaguars Players Reportedly Laughed At Urban Meyer Behind His Back Over His Explanation Of Lap Dance Video

Urban Meyer

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Jags players aren’t buying Urban Meyer’s apology/explanation over his lap dance video and that doesn’t bode well for his future with the team.

On Monday, Meyer told the media that he had apologized to the team after a video showed him getting real cozy with a woman at a bar who was clearly not his wife.

“I just apologized to the team and staff for being a distraction,“Just stupid and so I explained everything that happened and owned it. Just stupid. Should not have put myself in that kind of position.”

“I stayed to see the grandkids and we all went to the dinner that night,” he said. “There was a big group next to our restaurant and they wanted me to come over and take pictures, and I did. They were trying to pull me out on the dance floor, screwing around, and I should have left.”

NFL reporter Mike Silver has spoken to a Jags’ player about the Urban Meyer scandal and apparently, players don’t like the way their coach is handling the situation.

According to the anonymous Jags player, players on the team laughed at Meyer’s explanation of the lap dance video.

Considering the reactions from Jags’ players to the Meyer situation and the fact that team execs are currently reviewing Meyer’s “morals clause” in his contract it wouldn’t be surprising if the team has a new coach in a few weeks.