Jalen Ramsey Hinted At Joining Either The Titans Or Raiders In A Since Resurfaced Interview

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Old Jalen Ramsey interview reveals the two teams he seems most interested in joining

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Jalen Ramsey sure seems pissed to still be a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Pro Bowl cornerback and No. 5 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft pretty much said as much during an awkward press conference this morning — which the team, for some reason, still had the disgruntled star take part in.

After word leaked last night that Jalen Ramsey’s agent formally requested a trade, there are tons of rumors about where the young, talented and (somewhat) controversial defensive back could end up. And, while the Kansas City Chiefs are believed to be the favorites in the media — although the team seems to have shutdown that notion — who knows if the Jags will even end up moving Ramsey at all.

If the team does decide to trade their young star, he might want to do some posturing in order to get his way. That’s because, according to an interview done with Will Compton and Taylor Lewan on their Bussin’ With The Boys podcast just last month, Jalen Ramsey mentioned the Titans and Raiders as his two hopeful landing spots when asked about where he would like to play other than Jacksonville. Take a look at the clip below, which has resurfaced given his trade request.

Of course, Jalen Ramsey doesn’t really have a choice in the matter since he’s not a free agent until 2021, with the Jaguars the ones demanding a reported first round pick (if not more) for his services. Plus, the team would be insane to trade a player of Ramsey’s caliber to a divisional foe like the Titans. While the Raiders could make sense, Ramsey’s wish to play in Las Vegas wouldn’t come true till next season when the team relocates from Oakland.

Jalen Ramsey is from Nashville originally, so, while he’s holding out hope that he could have a homecoming in the near future, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen from this latest trade request. Then again, given the fact he an Jacksonville head coach Doug Marrone had to be held back from one another in last weekend’s game against the Houston Texans, the Jags might be under the gun to unload the disgruntled Ramsey to whichever team can meet their trade demands.

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