Jared Dudley Made The Hilarious Mistake Of Asking NBA Twitter To Photoshop Him In His New Lakers Jersey

Jared Dudley Asked Twitter To Photoshop Him In His 2 Lakers Jersey

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When he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers this offseason after stints with Charlotte, Phoenix, the Clippers, Milwaukee, Washington, Phoenix again, and Brooklyn, Jared Dudley was very hopeful that the team would be able to add Kawhi Leonard to the mix with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, re-creating the Miami Heat’s Big 3 “on steroids.”

Sadly for him, and Lakers fans everywhere, Leonard ended up signing with Los Angeles, but it was with the Clippers.

The signing of Anthony Davis, however, had already happened and James was ready to pass him the torch, handing over his #23 until the NBA put a kibosh on it because it would have cost Nike a ton of money if the change was made.

As a result, James decided to stick with his previous #6 with the Lakers, leaving Dudley to find a new number since that was the number he wore with the Nets last season and planned to use again next season with L.A.

On Monday, Dudley announced he would be switching to #2.

Devin Booker was amused…

Then he made the big mistake of asking NBA Twitter to Photoshop him in his new #2 Lakers jersey. A very big mistake.

“Best picture of me in a number 2 gets two tickets to our 1st home pre season game!” Dudley tweeted.

Apparently, free tickets to a pre-season game wasn’t much incentive, because…

https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/1150884972414132224 https://twitter.com/jetpack/status/1150875454292688896

NBA Twitter… It’s fan-tastic!