Jaromir Jagr Dropped The BIGGEST Sports News Of The Day And, Yes, It Involves His Epic Hair



NHL superstar Jaromir Jagr might have made headlines recently for banging some 18-year-old—did I mention the bro is 43 years old?—but the news he dropped on sports fans today even trumped that!

That’s because Jagr, who, for years, sported one of the most epic mullets in sports history, said the he was growing his mane back out, giving everyone something to look forward to as Jagr continues to skate around on the ice for his 22nd NHL season.


After his current team, the Florida Panthers, held a Mullet Night in his honor last year, Jagr figured, fuck it, he might as well make every game a mullet night.

Let’s hope that his new ‘do comes close to what he sported in the early part of his career—because, dammit, what a look.

[H/T CBS Sports]