LISTEN: My Chat With The Traveling Jagrs About Jaromir Jagr’s Legendary NHL Career

Jaromir Jagr’s NHL season officially ended yesterday and that likely marks the end of an impressive 24-season. Ole Jags has been a beaut of a legend for nearly three decades and he deserved to be sent off in style. Naturally, I decided it was best to chat with his biggest fan(s) about his long career and impending retirement from the NHL. So, after hearing the news of Jagr and the Calgary Flames working on an “exit plan” I gave Trevor AKA Dallas Jags of The Traveling Jagrs a call.

Dallas Jags and I had a long chat all about The Traveling Jagrs and the beauty himself, Jaromir Jagr. We cover:

  • The origins and founding of the legendary Traveling Jagrs, including a wild Vegas weekend and their first trip to watch Jags play at home (in Dallas at the time)
  • How Trevor ended up as Dallas Jags instead of a different Jags
  • The Panthers reaching out and bring The Traveling Jagr’s down to pick an official Florida Jags Traveling Jagr
  • Jagr’s dramatic and stressful free agency scare from last summer and where they wanted him to play
  • Becoming friends with Jagr’s (incredibly attractive) girlfriend on the Florida trips
  • How it felt to see Jagr sign for their hometown team, the Calgary Flames
  • Jagr crashing their live TV interview in Calgary
  • The news of an “Exit Plan” from Calgary and what it could mean for Jagr’s future and legacy (a few days later, the end of Jagr’s NHL career became official)
  • Some stories that prove Jagr is the most interesting man in hockey
  • The Traveling Jagrs shirts made in partnership with Sauce Hockey (they’re hooking up BroBible Readers with 15% off promo code! info below)
  • And a ton more

jaromir jagr the traveling jagrs

If you’re unfamiliar with The Traveling Jagrs then you’ve been living under a mullet-less rock and missing out on the most famous fans in hockey. And to catch you up… the Traveling Jagrs are a group of good Canadian bros who go all out when it comes to supporting hockey’s ageless wonder.

Meet The Traveling Jagrs:

What started as the occasional boys-trip led years of hockey trips and a ton of TV appearances. Of the many, none are better than when they welcomed Tara Slone of Sportsnet’s Hometown Hockey as Calgary Jags for one of his home games with Flames this season.

[protected-iframe id=”bd51845f4f838d176050ccbb629fda54-97886205-48084621″ info=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]


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