Jay-Z Is Trying To Intervene And Get Travis Scott To Skip The Super Bowl In Support Of Colin Kaepernick

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In September, the members of Maroon 5 were the only people excited to learn the band would be playing the halftime show at Super Bowl LIII, where they’ll likely perform a medley of songs you’d expect to find on an album called Now That’s What I Call Prom Music!

It didn’t have to be this way— the event’s organizers reportedly reached out to Rihanna but were shut down when she refused the offer in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick (fans have petitioned Maroon 5 to step down for the same reason).

Most Super Bowl performers have no problem recruiting some people to join them on what is arguably the world’s biggest stage. However, as of last week, Maroon 5 was struggling to find anyone willing to perform with them and all signs pointed to the band becoming the Steven Glansberg of Super Bowl performers.

However, that all changed when Travis Scott swooped in to save the day— but that could all change if Jay-Z has anything to do with it.

According to Variety, multiple sources say the veteran rapper is trying to talk Scott out of doing the show to show his support for Kaepernick, who continues to struggle to find a home in a league where Nathan Peterman was just given a contract.

This news shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise when you consider Jay-Z previously turned down a chance to perform at the Super Bowl because of how he thinks the NFL has handled the Kaepernick situation.

The Variety report also notes organizers are still attempting to recruit more artists, with names like Cardi B and Big Boi being floated (the latter would make a fitting act when you consider the Super Bowl is being held in Atlanta this year).

Can you put a price on social justice? I guess we’ll find out.

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