Jemele Hill Hits Back At Boston Radio Host Who Trashed Her Show And Was Shocked She Didn’t Get Canned

Now that we’ve all shed a tear for each of the 100 ESPN employees fired in Wednesday’s blood bath, we can now get into the good stuff–PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE SPORTS MEDIA FIGHTS!

Many Twitter eggs have gone on a crusade against on-air talent–Jemele Hill–whose job was spared, which was blasphemy for some. The hate got so bad that Jemele tweeted out the following: “It is difficult day at ESPN. So I’m seriously not here for the nonsense.”

Welp, Boston radio host Kirk Minihane did not get that message. You may remember Minihane’s name from a few years ago when he made national headlines for calling Erin Andrews a “gutless bitch.” Yes, so that’s the kind of lightning rod we’re dealing with here. Minihane was particularly dumbfounded by Jemele keeping her job, so much so that he tweeted out the following.

Minihane, a Boston-native, may have an axe to grind with Hill after she made asinine comments in 2008 comparing rooting for the Boston Celtics to Adolf Hitler and nuclear war. She was swiftly suspended by ESPN. Regardless, Hill responded and the two had a very entertaining back-and-forth.

Oh lawdy. Sports media be scrappy AF.

[h/t NY Post]

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