Is Jenn Sterger The Reason Why Oregon Started Chanting ‘No Means No’ After Beating Florida State?

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Interesting revelation about Oregon’s post-Rose Bowl “No Means No” chant after beating Florida State. Jenn Sterger — former BroBible Hottie Index correspondent, FSU cowgirl, and recipient of Brett Favre’s dick pic — may have influenced the Ducks to do the chant. The revelation comes from comedian Bert Kreischer’s podcast, which hit the Internet on Tuesday:

Sterger: So I got asked by a buddy, a comic buddy of mine who was doing the shows for the two Rose Bowl teams, to write him some roast jokes for both teams, for Florida State and for Oregon.

Kreischer: Can you say his name?

Sterger: Brad Williams. Brad’s like my comedy godfather… He’d asked me to write some roast jokes for him and I said “Yeah, sure, I love being mean.” And I wrote a bunch of jokes, they crushed, and I mean, I ripped both teams to shreds, and their respective rivals. I mean, the Gators were destroyed. But the joke that killed the hardest, for Oregon, was Brad said “Hey guys, just have a great time in Hollywood, and remember ‘Noooo means noooo!’”

Kreischer: Oh really, and then they take that…

Sterger: So they take that, and they did it after the game! And it goes viral…and I was like “oh s—, what have I done again?” You know what I mean? And no one’s going to be able to trace this back to me.

Kreischer: But in your head you were like “I had a hand in this!”

Sterger: Part of me’s proud, like “I wrote a really solid…sort of rape joke, but it’s more about a PSA.” That’s the angle that I went with. “It was a PSA.” So, I was like “no one’s gonna know it’s me” but I felt a little validated because you always have to find the bright side when you get curbed stomped in a game like that. So the next day I get a call from Brad and he’s like “So, TMZ found out that I said the joke, but don’t worry, I gave you full credit for it.”

Classic. Sterger — who is into doing stand-up comedy now (which we fully support ’cause she’s hella funny IRL) — you the real MVP here, once again.

The story starts at the 32 mark, so if you want to listen, click here.

[H/T: College Spun]