Bengals’ Jeremy Hill Says The Browns Suck After Getting Destroyed By The Browns

by 5 years ago

Aaron Doster/USA Today Sports

Cincinnati Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill played like hot garbage last night as his team took a 24-3 beating from the Cleveland Browns. Hill’s contributions to the meltdown included fumbling in the open field and hurling his helmet in frustration.

But if you thought he’d be humbled or at least gracious in defeat, you’ve got another thing coming, buster.

Asked whether the Browns were better than he previously thought, Hill said, “Oh no, not at all. They’re probably worse than I thought, to be honest with you.”

He didn’t stop there.

“They didn’t do anything special to me,” Hill continued. “I mean, respect to them, they won the game. But that’s all I’ll give them.”

So using that logic, Hill expected to lose by, like, 35 points? And if so, why did he act like a petulant child when things went better than expected?

“Those guys, they’re not that good,” he said. “It was on us [Thursday]. We gave them the game, in my opinion. They didn’t do anything special. We just gave them the game. They just sat back with coverage the whole day.”

Hill fails to mention the three-touchdown squeaker is wholly attributable to the Browns’ refusal to play Johnny Manziel. With him at the helm, you can take a 192-3 final tally to the bank.


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