Jerry Jones Sounded Very Unhappy With The Dallas Cowboys’ Coaching Staff During His Weekly Radio Show

Jerry Jones Talked Cowboys Coaching Staff During Weekly Radio Show

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Things are not going as planned in Dallas as the Cowboys are just 6-5 with just a one game lead on the Eagles in the NFC East. Loaded with talent, Dallas has consistently been inconsistent this season losing to the Saints, Packers, Jets, Vikings, and Patriots, while defeating the Giants (twice), Redskins, Dolphins, Eagles, and Lions.

It’s almost as if Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett doesn’t know how to get the most of out his players who year after year stumble along to a record around .500 and get bounced out of the playoffs in the first round. Oh wait, that’s been pretty much the hallmark of Garrett’s coaching career.

After Sunday’s excruciating 13-9 loss to the New England Patriots, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones finally seemed to admit, after heaping praise on him time and time again, that Garrett may not actually be the right man for the job.

Tuesday morning, during his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan, Jones sounded like a man laying down the gauntlet for the team’s mediocre head coach and his staff.

When asked how he felt about the team’s coaching now, if it was the same way as he felt when he was critical of them on after Sunday’s loss, Jones said, “The same way that I felt then. When you’re general manager, which I am, those coaches are out there at my ultimate decision. And so, just as, I should and do expect our fans to ask in a situation like that, question regarding how we perform. It’s very much within my realm of purview, if you will, to basically not only be standing there as an owner but be standing there as the general manager who put the staff there to begin with.

“And so, people seem to think it’s particularly harsh to have criticism and they think when you look at the other side of the field and call a job well done, that might mean that’s extraordinary criticism of the job you’ve done on the other side of the field. Which is me.

“So there’s no question that disappointed is not the word. There’s no question that we were given an opportunity, there were things that we could have taken advantage of, as there is in all games. The other night the name of the game was turnovers. The name of the game was weather. And the other night the name of the game was how to play that game in those circumstances. New England plays a lot of games in those circumstances. They coach their team to play games in those circumstances. They should. And you’ve got a very good chance when the weather becomes a factor to, if you will, be sitting there coaching with, up against an advantage, and that is a coach and an organization that works to take advantage of those situations.”

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Jones also brought up the “subtle nuances” of coaching, including game preparation, in a veiled dig at Garrett and how he prepared the Cowboys for the game in New England, the weather, and a close contest. Jones additionally pointed out how “impressed” he is with Bill Belichick and his staff and how they do prepare them team for those things.

So… who will be the next Dallas Cowboys head coach?

Will it be former Dallas assistant Sean Payton? He certainly understands the job. Or will it perhaps be current Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley? Jones reportedly is “very intrigued” by that possibility. thinks it will be Urban Meyer.

One thing is pretty much guaranteed and that’s that the Dallas Cowboys head coach in 2020 will not be Jason Garrett. Finally.

Listen to the entire Jerry Jones Show below…

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