Jerry Rice Calls Out 49ers HC Kyle Shanahan After Deebo Samuel Goes Down To Injury

Jerry Rice

Getty Image / Lachlan Cunningham

The San Francisco 49ers may have taken a big loss to the roster on Sunday. Deebo Samuel fell to injury, which has now led Jerry Rice to call out the head coach.

There have been multiple serious injuries in San Francisco this season. Typically, injuries are accidents and it’s impossible to prepare for them. Even so, the 49ers’ legendary receiver thinks otherwise.

According to B/R Gridiron, Jerry Rice took to social media to call out head coach Kyle Shanahan. After Deebo Samuel was carted off due to injury, Rice felt the need to let the 49ers’ head coach know how he feels.

Rice does have a point though. Perhaps Kyle Shanahan has a bad habit of running the most important players on the roster up the middle instead of his running backs. On the other hand, Deebo Samuel is the ultimate weapon, and utilizing him in this way is a massive advantage. Even so, Jerry Rice is tired of it and clearly wants a change.

It’s unfortunate that Samuel fell to injury on Sunday. It didn’t look good as he grabbed his knee and 49ers fans feared the worst. However, it turns out it’s an ankle injury, which is at least a silver lining in a grim situation.

For that reason, Jerry Rice is ready for Kyle Shanahan to switch up his tendencies. It’s a bit of a dual-edged sword though, as this type of playcalling has bought the 49ers a ton of success.