New Video Reveals Jets GM Predicted Bill Belichick Would Attempt To Screw Him Over During Draft

Joe Douglas

Mitchell Leff/Getty Image

New York Jets General Manager Joe Douglas accurately predicted a strategic move by New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick during the NFL Draft.

The revelation came to light through a media video released by the Jets, showcasing Douglas discussing his draft rankings and insights.

The video footage captured Douglas confidently predicting the actions that would unfold when the Patriots were on the clock, just before the Jets’ turn.

As anticipated, the Patriots traded their 14th overall spot to the Pittsburgh Steelers 17th overall spot and an additional pick, allowing the Steelers to select offensive tackle Broderick Jones. Many had expected the Jets to target Jones with their 15th overall pick, but their plans were thwarted as the Steelers secured him.

During the Draft, many fans and analysts believed that the Patriots intentionally tried to “screw over” their divisional rivals by making this move.

The Jets Didn’t Have Broderick Jones At The Top Of Their Board

Interestingly, the video also revealed the Jets’ draft board rankings moments before the selection. According to Douglas, their order of priorities consisted of pass-rusher Will McDonald, tight end Michael Mayer, and offensive tackle Broderick Jones, indicating that Jones was not their top target after all.

The video concluded with Jets personnel expressing their enthusiasm for McDonald, emphasizing his imposing size, athleticism, and game-changing abilities. However, the focus soon shifted to allegations that Belichick’s maneuver was motivated by a desire to undermine the Jets’ plans.

In a previous report by the Washington Post, an anonymous NFL general manager disclosed that he believes Belichick’s decision to trade with the Steelers was primarily driven by a desire to “F*** the Jets.”

The report claims that Belichick intentionally settled for a lower-value trade to ensure that the Steelers could secure the player the Jets had their eyes on, Broderick Jones.

According to that report, the Patriots could have obtained a third-round pick from another team, instead accepting a fourth-round pick from the Steelers for the trade-up.

Ultimately the Jets apparently got the guy they would’ve taken regardless in Will McDonald, the Patriots got an extra draft pick and the Steelers have their tackle for the future.