Jim Harbaugh Offers Up Brutally Honest, Somewhat Questionable Opinion About Playing Football Amid Pandemic

jim harbaugh coronavirus part of our society

Getty Image / Gregory Shamus

With the fate of the 2020 college football season completely up in the air at the moment, coaches around the country have offered up many different opinions about the idea of playing a season this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley, for example, thinks the option of pushing the season to the spring is becoming ‘more real’ and isn’t necessarily against that idea. Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, however, sees things differently.

During a conference call with reporters on Wednesday, Harbaugh spoke on the reality of the virus in relation to playing football and offered up an honest opinion most people will likely find questionable, at the very least.

“COVID is part of our society. It wasn’t caused by football or caused by sports. There’s no expert view right now that I’m aware of that sports is going to make that worse.”

Technically you could argue that nothing Harbaugh said is wrong. Right now, COVID is part of our society and it certainly wasn’t caused by sports. His statement about sports not making things worse is the only questionable phrase as it’s simply just assumed that close contact – such as playing football – could spread the virus rather quickly.

After all, there is a reason professional sports leagues around North America are creating their own ‘bubble’ environments. Nobody even knows if the bubbles are actually going to work, so maybe that’s the argument Harbaugh is really trying to make here.

One thing is for sure, Harbaugh is very much on team Let’s Play Football This Fall.


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