Jimmy Kimmel Had ESPN Talent Read Mean Tweets About Themselves, And They Were Oddly Perceptive

Dude. These Jimmy Kimmel segments are supposed to showcase just how many jerks are out there punching up. But there’s something about this batch of mean tweets, aimed at ESPN talent, that stands out. They’re oddly perceptive.

Sure, they’re very mean. But dammit, Desmond Howard’s mustache does look like the staring part of the maze. Lee Corso does look like he belongs on Crank Yankers.

And if you squint hard enough, BroBible favorite Scott Van Pelt could look like a penis man.

If you’re keeping score at home, this is two different mean tweets segments ex-Michigan coach Brady Hoke has participated in.

Hey, may as well be remembered for something. God knows it won’t be for his time in Ann Arbor.