J.J. Watt vs. A Golf Writer Is The Twitter Beef We Didn’t Know We Needed

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JJ Watt has been making headlines recently for all things both on and off the football field. As we all know, Watt was rumored to be on the trading block as a result of the Texans getting off to a brutal 2-6 start and looking to still get value for the superstar defensive end. But today’s headline comes from off the gridiron as Watt clapped back at a golf writer who jumped on Watt for tweeting his frustration with the Masters.

Watt wrote, “A tradition unlike any other, flipping through all the channels trying to find The Masters only to be reminded that it’s not on TV until the round is halfway over.”

Golf Magazine writer Alan Shipnuck could not help but come in hot with a response to Watt with a tweet that read “Has this guy heard of the internet?”

The Texans defensive end clearly had eyes on this chirp from Shipnuck and just could not bite his tongue on this one.

Watt responded with “Cheers Alan, thanks for the brilliant take. You see I’m in a locker room waiting to board a bus and wanted to play it on the television for everyone to watch. PS- you look like a combination of Bob Saget & John Stamos. Not sure if that’s good or bad, just stating the facts.”

While I still find it hard to believe the Texans don’t have a pretty strong WiFi signal from the locker room and couldn’t just throw the Masters up on their phones, Watt does have a point here.

It is hard to wrap my head around why we can’t wake up and immediately be able to fire up the biggest tournament of the year on cable. Could you imagine having to watch the Super Bowl online and it not showing up on cable TV until the second quarter? Regardless of whose side you’re on here, I feel bad for Baker Mayfield, who Watt plays this weekend, as he will try and take his Masters and Shipnuck frustration out on.

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