Johnny Manziel Shows Off His Dance Moves At A Chris Brown Concert With Signature Champagne Bottle In Hand

So it’s official. Johnny Manziel is just doing shit to troll us at this point. It’s the only way a rational person can understand why someone facing a domestic abuse charge is boogying down to a concert of a serial domestic abuser in Vegas.

Sure, he probably likes Chris Brown’s music, but as a professional athlete who is constantly in the limelight, you always must consider perception. That’s the only caveat of being a professional athlete millionaire who casually gets to take home Abigail Ratchford from a club. There are rules. This isn’t Florida.  If you want to make peasant money like the rest of us, you can live your life however the fuck you want. You could probably take a shit at the Chris Brown concert and smear it on your face and it wouldn’t make news. But if you signed a contract that handed you $4 million, you only get to do this shit if you haven’t allegedly ruptured your girlfriend’s eardrum. I want to root for you Johnny, I want to root for you badly. Just give me a reason and know when to do less.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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