Johnny Manziel Issues Warning To AAF Players In The Wake Of League Shutting Down Football Operations

Joe Robbins/AAF/Getty Images

The Alliance of American Football made it a whole 52 days before reports hit today that football operations will be suspended with the league’s destiny up in the air. The news comes just weeks after reports that the AAF was in desperate need of a $250 million cash infusion just to keep the lights on.

It should be noted that the league hasn’t dissolved yet, but Pro Football Talk reports that it is certainly heading that way.

The league, which boasts high-profile players like Trent Richardson and Christian Hackenberg (okay, medium profile), seemed to get the signature player it needed by inking Johnny Manziel to a deal on March 16. The clout of Johnny Football evidently couldn’t shoulder the weight of the AAF’s financial woes, and it remains to be seen whether we’ll ever see the former Heisman Trophy winner play competitively again.

In the wake of the dire news of the AAF’s futile future, Manziel directed a message at current players to be stingy with their paychecks.

The league reportedly planned to give players three-year, non-guaranteed contracts worth $250,000 each. Players were set to make $70,000 their first season, $80,000 in the second season and $100,000 in the third season.

Yaaaaaa, about that.

Seems like just yesterday…