Johnny Manziel And Scott Disick Got Together For A Massive Brofest At Las Vegas Nightclub

And the Johnny Manziel party train just continues too choo choo down the fucking tracks, this time making it to Las Vegas nightclub 1 OAK… with Lord Disick himself for a bro’s night.

After Johnny Football was seen, allegedly, smoking a little of the good stuff at a Miami nightclub a few days ago, the embattled quarterback showed up with Disick on Friday night, as the two wore matching outfits—no joke—and taking in the scenery.

Here’s how the night unfolded, according to Desiree Murphy of via Bleacher Report:

The two arrived around midnight and sipped on cocktails and champagne from their VIP table right behind DJ Ikon’s booth. Disickdonned distressed denim jeans and a tan hoodie, while Manziel sported an almost identical ensemble.

With both Disick and Manziel having spent time in rehab at separate times in the past year or so, being in each other’s company to booze it up probably isn’t the smartest move, but, sometimes, there’s nothing that can stop two bros from getting together.

Both Manziel and Disick posted photos with each other from the night:

Now, can someone explain those matching outfits of there’s?

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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