Johnny Manziel Unleashes Shade Towards Haters, Then Admits He’s Made Some Mistakes



It’s only been two years since the Cleveland Browns selected Johnny Manziel No. 22 overall in the NFL Draft, but after shitting the bed during his time with the team, Manziel finds himself looking for a new football home while trying to, once again, put his life back together.

Manziel—who has continued to party since his release from the Browns last month—took to Twitter today to throw a little shade at his haters.

On a (maybe?) positive note, Johnny Football actually admitted to some mistakes along the way, too, meaning that, hopefully, this is a changed Manziel who will finally seek some help to get things straightened out for him.

Then again, based off of the shape he looked like he was in yesterday when he was caught depressingly sitting at a bar and watching the draft in Columbus, maybe he’s just going on a hungover rant? I’ll let you be the judge on that one.