Here’s A Sad Pic Of Johnny Manziel Watching The NFL Draft By Himself At A Bar In Ohio Before A Justin Bieber Show


Justin Bieber’s tour rolls through Columbus, Ohio this evening and seems like Johnny Manziel is in town to attend it. Tonight is also the 2016 NFL Draft, so an unemployed Johnny Manziel ponyed up at a bar in town to eat some grub and relive a former high point in his football career.

Oh what a difference two years makes.

Hey, at least he gets to see BFF Bieber in concert tonight, presumably VIP. That’s totally worth something, right?

Via Busted Coverage:

All I can think of seeing Johnny ponied up to the bar like that is Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting — commonly called The Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Seems apropos:


Here are players from small schools that might light up the NFL Draft: