How The The New England Patriots Kinda Knew What Was Coming With Johnny Manziel All Along

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One-time college football stud Johnny Manziel has had himself a week: He was dumped by super agent Drew Rosenhaus, his second NFL agent to-date, plus Nike canceled their endorsement deal. This is all results from a mounting list of immature, well-documented shenanigans, like being spotted drunk at Coachella (…where he allegedly spilled a drink purposely on top of someone), trashing a rental property in L.A., lying about living with Von Miller, partying with questionable figureshitting up clubs night after night (…including last night), partying in Cabo, and reports of him showing up to practice completely hungover. On top of the non-stop stories of Manziel partying, there’s also that alleged assault incident involving his ex-girlfriend earlier this year.

The list goes on and on. We’ve published almost 60 stories about Manziel and his questionable antics since the beginning of the year, when he was dropped by the Cleveland Browns. You know things are bad when Charlie Sheen is worried about you.

Despite all this, he still claims that some team will pick him up to play next year.

But you know who saw this coming from a mile away?

The New England Patriots organization.

Back in 2014, Manziel dropped to the 22nd pick in the NFL Draft. Thanks to a tipster, we were able to obtain the New England Patriots scouting report on Manziel. The veracity was questioned in twitter circles at the time, though we were able to confirm the origins thanks to the authorship information in the MS. Word document.  Bill Bellichick had a classic non-answer when asked about it. Via:

“With all due respect, I hate to admit this but I don’t think I’ve been online in a couple days or weeks or whatever, so that’s not really an important thing to me. I don’t even know what’s online and what isn’t online,” Belichick said. “But I would say we probably have, I can’t even imagine, 10,000 pages of information. It’s a lot of information. There’s no way I can sit up here and tell you that I’ve read it all. I’ve read a fraction of it. But we have a ton of information on all the players that are in the draft. What’s online, you should go talk to the geniuses that are online. I don’t know. MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace. Go talk to whoever you want that does that stuff. I don’t know.”

What the Patriots scouts observed about Manziel’s work ethic and character now seems to be playing out in a very real way. A few notable quotes from the document worth revisiting:

  • From the vibe of online articles, father seems a little too involved and overstepping his boundaries.
  • Vibeon this guy keeps getting worse. Support staff members are sick of him and ready for him to go. Described as a cocky, me-guy.
  • Loves football, FBI is high as well. Everything has been pretty well-documented in online articles about the kid, but sources say he’s a spoiled brat (grandfather gives him allowance, father bought him luxury car).
  • Comes from ‘outlaw bloodlines’, mom moved the family to Kerrville to get away from father’s wild family. Father’s family is said to be very shady people, always into something, they are the root of Johnny’s personality.
  • Doesn’t study the game, said to know about 60% of the offense in ’12, never watches film; one source said only time he watched film during ’12 was before ALUN.
  • Teammates don’t dislike him, but there’s some resentment, more so in the offseason when he isn’t coming to workouts and they are busting their butt.

Reading it two years later is almost surreal considering everything that has happened:



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