Johnny Manziel Allegedly Brought ‘So Many Condoms’ To Party In Cabo With 15 Girls A Week After Assault Allegations



Just one week after allegedly temporarily deafening his girlfriend with a whack to the ear, Johnny Manziel flew four of his friends on a private jet for a six-day booze-filled bender in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas.

The Daily Mail reports that Manziel and his goof troop invited up to 15 girls at a time to join them in their $2,500-a-night villa.

“The guys had so many condoms that they were blowing them up into balloons and throwing them around the villa for fun.

They would pick up girls from the beach and invite them back to the villa. They had one party and there were 15 girls there.”

Manziel was allegedly partying with Kara Vaninetti, a Canadian blondie who posted poolside selfies to her Twitter account from Manziel’s villa. She looks like this:

It is believed that Johnny Manziel spent $2,000 on food and snacks and hired a private gourmet chef to prepare meals for him and his squad. Upon leaving, the group allegedly left the villa in complete disarray.

Per Daily Mail’s source,

“There were a lot of people coming and going and they left the place a mess,” the source shared. “There was beer bottles and food wrappers everywhere.”

God damn. If Manziel is trying to portray that he doesn’t give a shit about his future in the NFL, we’re all hearing him loud and clear.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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