Johnny Manziel’s Reaction When Asked If The Browns Might Bring Him Back Because They Need A QB Is Spot-On

Admit it. When you saw Robert Griffin III go down with yet another injury for a split second there you thought, hmmm, maybe the Browns will bring Johnny Manziel back.

I know that thought certainly crossed my mind. I mean, he’d just be holding a clipboard for Josh McCown, right?

Well, now Josh McCown is also injured (and being a real man about it) so the Brownies are down to QB3.

And once again, I and others had flashes of Johnny Fucking Football back in the orange helmet, riding in to save the day.

Yeah, we know it isn’t going to happen. JFF is too busy “going to school to get his degree” right now.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth asking him about though, right? Right. And that’s exactly what someone did.

His reaction? “I doubt that’ll happen,” adding, “I wish them the best.”

Also note the Rams hat Johnny’s sporting. They sure as hell could use a quarterback too these days. Could it happen some day? Fingers crossed.

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