ESPN Appears To Cut-Off Soccer Analyst In Midst Of Dunking On The Manchester United Owners

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As if our world wasn’t already plunged into enough chaos, the greedy powers-that-be at the top of European football took it upon themselves to make things unequivocally worse by announcing the formation of the Super League in mid-April. But while the Super League itself was short-lived — the attempted heist lasted less than two days — its impact remains felt and will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future, as the move has ignited a rage in fans the likes of which the game has never seen.

On Sunday, thousands of Manchester United fans gathered outside the team’s stadium, Old Trafford, and the team’s hotel, the Lowry Hotel, ahead of their match against Liverpool, touted as the biggest game in English soccer, therefore making it one of the most important matches in the world.

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The game was ultimately postponed, though, as hundreds of fans broke into Old Trafford, invading the concourse, the field, and even the locker rooms.

More so than the actual Super League, Manchester United fans were protesting the owners who signed them up for it: the Glazer Family, who also own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Glazers have owned a majority share of Manchester United for about 15 years now, and in those 15 years, have overseen the club’s descent from Premier League, and world soccer powerhouse, to occasional Top 4 contender (it should be noted they are currently 2nd in the Premier League table, albeit 13 points behind Manchester City).

Because they occasionally pretend to care about sports leagues not named the NFL or LeBron James, ESPN brought in-house soccer commentator Jon Champion onto to SportsCenter to speak on the protest, however, some fans believe that they cut Champion off mid-rant as he was railing against the Glazers, their handling of the club, and the idea of a sports “franchise”.

ESPN has since claimed the incident was caused by “technical difficulties”, but naturally, fans aren’t buying it, likely due to the network’s ties to the NFL (and therefore the Glazers) and MLS, which employs the franchise business model that Champion was in the midst of shredding to pieces.

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