Jon ‘Bones’ Jones And UFC Fighter Tyson Griffin Get In Crazy Intense Twitter Feud That Is Worth All Your Time

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and ex-lightweight contender Tyson Griffin have not liked each other for quite some time now. Their beef started back in 2014, when Jones declined Daniel Cormier’s challenge to a 205-pound championship fight. Tyson basically said Jones was quick to venture down the path of least resistance to become champion, and Griffin eventually outed Jones’ private messages in response.

Well, the less relevant Tyson has gone out of his way yet again to punch up at Jones, this time jabbing him for losing a six-figure deal with Nike following his role in the brawl with Daniel Cormier in the lobby of the MGM Grand Garden Arena a few years back. In the same tweet, Tyson managed to run his mouth about Conor McGregor and Jon Jones.

Buckle up, because things get heated FAST.

“Bitter bitch who’s the size of my dick.” Bones got bars!

Griffin responded by accusing Jones of making it about himself, even though Griffin fired the first shot. He then publicized private messages Bones sent to him back in 2014. Check them out below.




Typically I’d say that if anyone who tries to big time someone else over the money they have in the bank is a huge tool. But I make an exception in this case, for a few reasons. In their longstanding feud, Jones has never initiated the beef with Griffin. Griffin is always the one taking cheap shots and then playing victim. Fuck that. Also, if you’re calling someone out for losing endorsement money, don’t cry ‘money isn’t everything’ when they remind you that they could buy you.