Jon Lester Was Not Entertained By Nacho Guy Getting His 15 Minutes Of Shine During Last Night’s Game

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A feel good sequence occurred in the bottom of the second inning of the Cubs/Cardinals game last night when a fan’s nacho plate was decimated by a diving Addison Russell, who failed to reel in a Jedd Gyorko fly ball. Russell’s hand got plastered in hot melted cheese sauce, and the Card’s fan was left with his beer snack littered across the third base line.

The Cubs short stop buried the hatchet by personally delivering the fan a new plate of $40 nachos (ok, $7.25) and even stopped to take a picture with the rival fan. Athletes are just like us, guys!!

The Cubs won 10-2 to eliminate the rival Cardinals and with six games left are just one win away from clinching a second consecutive division title. Lester, who limited the Cards to one run over six innings in his team’s convincing W, didn’t enjoy the nacho incident.

“Great effort,” pitcher Jon Lester said. “But I don’t understand the other stuff.”

“A guy fell into him and got nacho cheese on his arm and now he’s taking pictures and signing autographs. It shows you where our society’s at right now with all that stuff.”

Live look at Lester right now:

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Lester’s opinion aside, I’m all about this dude getting his five minutes in the sun.

[h/t Sports Illustrated]