NFL Reporters Are Tweeting Nonsense Updates While Aaron Rodgers Does Exactly What He Said He Wouldn’t Do

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers has what he truly craves most right now, and that’s attention. And for as long as his NFL future stays a mystery, that will remain the case, which perhaps explains why the notoriously headline-thirsty QB has now put on this Will He/Won’t He song-and-dance for two straight offseasons now.

With the four-time MVP’s plans currently unknown to everyone except him (and even *he* may not know what he’s thinking), the 39-year-old finds himself as the main character in the National Football League as free agency approaches. And not only is it what he wants, but it’s exactly what he said he *wouldn’t* do, as both the New York Jets and the Green Bay Packers are reportedly in the dark when it comes to his impending decision.

This is, of course, the exact opposite of what Rodgers said he would do, as he previously promised the Packers he wouldn’t drag them through the same process as last year (he has) while consistently saying things like his decision will come “soon enough” (it hasn’t).

This has also had an effect on the NFL insiders of the world, who are now resorting to tweeting absolutely nonsense updates as the NFL world holds its breath awaiting Rodgers’ decision. Take this update from ESPN’s Josina Anderson, for example, who described the mood inside the Jets’ facility as “anxiously calm,” which not only doesn’t mean anything but is a blatant oxymoron.

Regardless of what Rodgers ultimately decides, it’ll represent a sad end to what was a Hall of Fame career, as his three options are to now return to a team that reportedly doesn’t want him, retire off the back of arguably his worst season as a pro, or play for the New York Jets. But, hey, at least he’ll be a featured speaker at an upcoming psychedelics conference!

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