J.R. Smith’s Young Daughter ROASTS Him In A Pre-Game Interview, Is Wise Beyond Her Years



J.R. Smith’s young daughter Demi may not be old enough to ride a bike without training wheels or sleep without a night light, but she sure as hell can recognize a miracle. Despite averaging under 10 points in the Finals and not yet pulling a game out of his ass that makes us wonder if he’s the best player to ever play the game, J.R. has been a boy scout–staying out of both media and law troubles alike. That is a supernatural phenomenon that is not lost on any age. If the Cavs lose this game, however, I would not want to be in the Smith household after J.R. learns his daughter handed him out a proverbial participation trophy.

“At least you didn’t get kicked off the team because you’re a psycho dad! Can we go to Chuckie Cheese tomorrow?”

jr smith