Watch JuJu Smith-Schuster‏’s Mom Make Him Do Chores Around The House

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juju smith-schuster mom video

JuJu Smith-Schuster is coming off a successful rookie campaign where he posted over 900 yards and 7 touchdowns with the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, none of that matter when he goes back to visit his mom. When he goes home to mom’s place, he has to carry his weight around the house and do chores.

In the words of Ms. Schuster, “I don’t give a shit! When you’re in my house…” She yells that at Juju in more in the hilarious video he posted today. In the video, you can hear Juju’s mom tell him “you ain’t got no starts when you come in my house.”

Watch the video (NSFW language from Momma Schuster) to hear him protest because he plays in the NFL then be taken outside by his mom to sweep the driveway:

Two Notes About This Video…

Note #1: Who in the world uses broom as a verb? Or, who would ever exclusively say broom as the verb? It’s primarily called sweeping, I swear. You sweep WITH a broom, Juju.

Note #2: I love this. You have to love the mom of a professional athlete treating him like a kid in 7th grade. Just completely ignoring the fact he plays in the NFL on a great team and makes nearly $1.05 million a year, focusing instead on the messy driveway and the fact your son is home. Puttin’ him in his place, I’m here for it.


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