Julian Edelman Shares A+ Story About Dating Jerry Rice’s Daughter

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Even if Julian Edelman had not turned out to be a key player on multiple New England Patriots Super Bowl teams, he was would still have been a legend.

That’s because even his football career had flopped after high school he would still be one of the few people in the world who had the privilege of dating none other than Jerry Rice’s daughter Jaqui.

Edelman and Jaqui Rice were childhood friends and dated while the two of them attended Woodside High School in California in the early 2000s.

This week, during an appearance on the Gil’s Arena show, co-host Josiah Johnson said to Julian Edelman, “I saw an interesting story
about you. You used to date Jerry Rice’s daughter when you were coming up. You guys were childhood friends, went to prom together.

“So dads can be extremely protective, obviously, with their daughter so I want to know what was your relationship like with Jerry Rice growing up. Did he [expletive] with you at all? Was he like…?”

“Terrified. Terrified,” Edelman quickly responded.

“I remember the first time I went over. Jerry came out with his chain on, no shirt, six packed up and just gave me a head nod. And that was like the last time we talked in like two years. It was tough. It was scary.”

Edelman continued, “I was terrified and I have a little girl now, so I understand, you know, so you kind of you get it. A little punk, little kid coming into the house thinking he’s dating a daughter and stuff. But I’ll tell you one thing, when Jerry wasn’t there I was putting on his Super Bowl rings and everything.”

“The family was awesome,” Edelman added after the laughter died down. “They were all cool and uh you know still friends of this day. And then when I got to, you know, it was crazy, when I got to the league afterwards we developed a relationship. Tt became cool. I still see him at the Derby here and there. I see him out and about and he’s been real cool as of late.

“But when we were kids, and I fully get it, I get a Jerry, you know daughter, but it was, I’m still a little nervous talking about it you know? It’s Jerry Rice. He’s a GOAT.”

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