Lakers’ Julius Randle Hits Game Winning Shot, Wants NOTHING To Do With Celebrating With D’Angelo Russell

They say winning heals all. They are wrong. Especially when your team’s win puts your record at 16-59 (barely beating out the worst record in franchise history) and you have a snitch in your locker room.

That’s why when Julius Randle hit a shot at the buzzer last night to give the Lakers a 102-100 overtime victory over the Miami Heat, he appeared to be pretty choosy with who he celebrated with.

Randle was bullish about sharing in the celebration with Jordan Clarkson, but when D’Angelo Russell jumped on his back in jubilation, he treated him like a nagging little brother with the Zika virus.

Despite reports that Nicki Minaj’s camp leaked the video that incriminates Nick Young for cheating on Izzy Azalea with a 19-year-old, the allegation was apparently enough for the Lakers crowd to boo their very own Russell during pregame intros. As Orrin Bach says in Billions, “Someone says, “Charlie fucked a goat.” — even if the goat denies it he goes to the grave ‘Charlie the Goat Fucker’.” Same logic goes for snitching.

But on the bright side, Russell and Jordan Clarkson celebrated Wednesday night’s win over Miami with a dab at half court. Just 14 more teammates to go. Baby steps.

[h/t Complex]