Pro Skater Justin Figueroa Lands A Nollie Kickflip While Going 25 MPH…Wipes Out A LOT Before

by 3 months ago
Justin Figueroa Skateboarding

The Berrics / YouTube

Ryan Denman from The Berrics got it in his head that he wanted to film Justin “Figgy” Figueroa doing a Nollie Kickflip at top speed. Ryan’s been in the skating world for decades and throughout that time they somehow never tried landing a high-speed Nollie Kickflip.

It’s not the absolute craziest skating trick on the planet. I mean, neither you nor I could land it, but it’s something all pros can pull off. But they land this trick at very slow speeds, like 5 mph…not 5x that speed at 25 mph. So Ryan busted out the camera at The Berrics and got pro skater Justin Figueroa to try and land a Nollie Kickflip moving as fast as he could. He eventually nails the trick but man, he busts ass A TON in the process:

Man, this has me wanting to buy a shortdeck and do some skating. I saw Less Than Jake in concert last weekend in Florida. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, they were one of the best Ska-Punk bands of the 90’s/2000’s. On stage, they talked about the only other time they’d ever been in this city was in the mid-90s when they performed at the Compound Skate Shop. That brought back some serious nostalgia because it was the skate shop where I bought my first skateboard…Worlds colliding. Anyway, I think I’m buying a skateboard now. Good talk. Here’s some Less Than Jake:

(h/t DIGG)

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