Kansas City Royals Fans Pissed At Kauffman Stadium’s Disgusting $1 Hot Dogs And It’s Easy To See Why


The Kansas City Royals held a special promotion last Friday called Buck Night. And, as you can deduce, there were hot dogs available for just $1.

Let me be more specific: there were woefully subpar hot dogs available for $1 and the good people who ordered them are not happy about it.

Mainly because they look like garbage.

Here’s a Buck Night hot dog next to one normally on sale at Kauffman Stadium. The difference is astounding.


Even more troubling is the allegation of victim-blaming a few fans say they experienced.

Neal Ross and his son were disgusted when they unwrapped the dollar dogs.

“You just couldn’t eat it,” Ross said.

Ross has been to other Buck Nights, and he says this has never happened before.

“It wasn’t the best presentation the Royals could have put forward in my opinion,” he said.

They wanted to exchange them for better ones at the tent that sold the discounted hot dogs.

“They kind of told us, ‘well they’re a dollar, so you get what you get,'” Ross said.

The customer is always right, you see, unless they’re cheapskates.

Now, a normal person would look at the stomach-turning picture of substandard hot dogs atop this post and be repulsed. But apparently that normal person would be wrong, according to the company that supplied the franks.

A company called Aramark manages the Royals concessions. A spokesperson says there was nothing wrong with the hot dogs.

KCTV5 reached out to Aramark, and received the following statement.

“Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we take all guest concerns seriously. During Friday night’s game, where we served 63,000 hot dogs, the Kansas City Health Department was onsite to inspect our buck night hot dog operations and found no violations. We are aware of the images posted to social media and are in the process of investigating and contacting those guests to get more information. As previously stated, we strive to ensure the food served at Kauffman Stadium is great tasting, of the highest quality and safe to eat.”

There you have it. Nothing to see here. Except plump and juicy dogs with hardly any mold.

What’s everyone bitching about? Just down several ballpark beers at $12 a pop and you’ll barely notice the chewy, barely edible texture.

Problem solved for next time.