Internet Runs Wild Making Jokes About Kanye West Watching Raptors-Celtics Game On 100-Foot TV

Reactions To Kanye West Watching Raptors-Celtics Game On 100-Foot TV

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Kanye West is not like the rest of us. This we know. Almost nothing he does is normal or mundane.

For example, just this week Kanye was put on the presidential ballot in Mississippi despite literally not having any chance whatsoever of actually winning the election because he can’t get enough electoral college votes. (He isn’t going to be on the ballot in numerous states and Illinois and New Jersey have already rejected his petitions due to fake signatures, which could land him in prison. Arizona also just rejected his petition.)

On Tuesday, Kanye tweeted from the hospital what appears to be an x-ray of his hand and wrist with the message, “Too much texting bro. Had to get the cortisone mixed with a wittle sprinkle of lidocaine.”

He also shared a video of himself getting the injection with the caption, “Lidocaine worked instantly!!! The dexamethasone takes 24 to 48 hours Modern medicine.”

So to see him watching the NBA playoff game between the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics on Wednesday night on a gigantic 100-foot TV screen? For Kanye, that’s pretty much just another day in the life.

“100 foot screen … it’s a good start,” West tweeted along with a video.

Naturally, as is always the case with something as unusual as this, especially when it comes to Kanye, the internet had a blast making jokes and comments after SportsCenter shared the video on its Twitter account.

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