Twitter Reacts To The News That Kareem Hunt Only Got An 8-Game Suspension From The NFL

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Kareem Hunt and his new team the Cleveland Browns knew he was going to get handed down some sort of suspension from the NFL for the disturbing video of him kicking and shoving a woman in a hotel last spring, but neither probably thought that the league would go with just eight games. To say that the punishment for such a disgusting act is an understatement; and this is coming from a lifelong Browns fan.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the NFL decided that the eight-game suspension was enough for Kareem Hunt. Here are some tweets from Schefty regarding the Hunt decision, which includes a statement from the player’s agent and Hunt himself.

I’m all about forgiveness and people getting a second chance, but let’s call a spade a spade here: Kareem Hunt got off easy. I know that the NFL, presumably, did a thorough investigation and spoke with police and read the arrest reports, but eight games for doing what was seen on video to a woman just doesn’t seem enough to me. It’s a slap on the wrist that should have probably been about four games more. It’s a sign that the league will continue to support its players for violence like this, and, given the Cleveland Browns just became must-see TV with the additions they’ve made this offseason — with Odell Beckham Jr. headlining that group — it seems fishy that the league may have wanted to make sure Kareem Hunt was around for fans to see the team at full strength offensively.

Given the severity of Kareem Hunt’s incident, there were a lot of people on Twitter who seemed to question the NFL’s decision of eight games. Remember, this is the same league that players are “subject to discipline at the discretion of the Commissioner, including suspension up to six games for a first violation or, if appropriate, termination of the individual’s affiliation with an NFL Club,” according to its 2018 policy on Performance-Enhancing substances. Potentially six games to a year for PEDs or weed, but only eight for cold hard proof of hitting and kicking a woman. That type of confusion lead to some interesting reactions on social media, so take a look below.

Kareem Hunt is saying and doing all the right things following the incident and his immediate release from the Kansas City Chiefs last season. He’s, presumably, making the right steps to better himself as a person first and a player and teammate second. But he has to feel like he beat the NFL here by getting only eight games for what he did, and it’s sad to see the league continue to take such a light stance on this type of violence, because they could have really sent a message by suspending Hunt for much longer.