Kate Upton Fires Off Biased Tweet About Controversial Game 6 Call And Nats Fans Exploded On Her

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I’m not sure if you ladies and gentlemen have been tuning into the World Series, but it’s been electric. And this is coming from a guy whose baseball fandom is like my proclivity for anime porn–I fade and and out, but when I’m in, lock the door and move out of my fucking way.

I regret saying that.

In any event, the baseball world was spun into outrage during Tuesday night’s Game 6 over a controversial call during the top of the 7th inning.

With a runner of first and clinging to a one-run lead, Nationals’ Trea Turner hit a chopper down the third baseline. Pitcher Brad Peacock fielded the grounder and threw the ball ended up in right field, with runners advancing to second and third.

Not so fast, says umpire Sam Holbrook. Turner was called out by way of interference, as he was outside of the base path.

This call infuriated everyone in the Nationals dugout and beyond, with Turner audibly calling out Joe Torre, Major League Baseball’s chief baseball officer, who was sitting nearby. (Torre would later defend Holbrook’s interference call, predictably.)

Nationals’ manager Davey Martinez took it up a notch.

Kate Upton, wife of Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, had a different baseball opinion. About baseball. A baseball opinion.

While the umpires were huddling up for five minutes and putting in a call to the review booth only to ultimately uphold the call, Upton shot out this tweet.

Never in all my years bandwagoning baseball have I seen a guy get penalized for hitting the ball and running in a straight line. The fact that Upton was so cocksure in her opinion of an obscure call did not sit well with people who were already upset by it.

^I legit laughed out loud at this one.

Kate has responded to the mean comments.

Get you a woman who will irrationally fight for you even if you are 0-6 in your World Series career.

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