Kate Upton Posted A Valentine’s Tweet To Justin Verlander And She Is Getting LIT UP In The Comments

Kate Upton Posted A Valentines Tweet To Justin Verlander Comments

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Kate Upton wished her man, Houston Astros pitcher/hypocrite Justin Verlander a Happy Valentine’s Day on Twitter on Friday, which was probably not the best idea she’s ever had, as the comments she’s been getting have been brutal.

Then again, Upton, who has never been shy about her loyalty to Verlander, surely knew that she would eviscerated and if she’s anything like the rest of those associated with the Houston Astros didn’t give a fuck, because, scoreboard, he already got his ring and there’s nothing that Cody Bellinger, the Dodgers, or the fans can do about it thanks to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

That’s right, she actually chose this week to break out “My Verlantine” as if baseball fans with their pitchforks at the ready would find it cute.

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