Kelly Slater Just Pulled Off What Is Possibly The Greatest Move In The History Of Competitive Surfing



That headline is not hyperbole at all, the turn that Kelly Slater through down during his 5th round heat at the World Surf League held at Trestles this past weekend is already being referred to as the best turn in the history of surfing. The judges, however, did not think that what Kelly pulled off was deserving of a massive score and slapped him with a meager 4.17 (out of 10), knocking Kelly Slater out of the competition. Though I’m not sure the greatest competitive surfer in the history of the sport cares about getting bounced from the competition, as already his monumental ‘turn’ has been picked up by every surfing outlet worldwide as well as mainstream media. It’s rare that anything from the surfing world other than a shark attack gets picked up by mainstream media, and as you’ll see in just one second, Kelly Slater’s move was sure as sh*t more deserving of a 4.17:

Once more in GIF:

And again in GIF, because I can’t stop watching this. Kelly Slater truly pulled off the greatest (and likely most controversial) move in the history of competitive surfing last weekend:

As for why Kelly Slater threw down a move that’s being called the greatest in surfing history yet somehow got slapped with a miserable wave score, Brendan Buckley of Surfing Magazine laid out a pretty solid explanation of that, which you can read in full here.