Kevin Durant Initially Leaves Russell Westbrook Out Of Top 5 Players He’s Played With, Baffles Dame Lillard And NBA Twitter

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There is arguably no one in NBA history who’s played alongside more superstars than Kevin Durant—Russ, Steph, Klay, Harden, Kyrie, Zaza Pachulia. Spin the First Ballot HOF wheel.

Durant appeared on Million Dollaz Worth of Game Podcast and offered up his take on the top 5 players he’s ever shared a jersey with, omitting former MVP and 2x All-NBA First Teamer Russell Westbrook in favor of…Serge Ibaka?

“Kyrie, James, Steph, Klay,” Durant says, before a 13-second pause in which 9-year teammate Russell Westbrook evidently never crosses his mind.

“And I’m going to go Serge Ibaka.”


Serge Career High Stats (while teammates with Durant):

-15.1 ppg
-8.8 rebounds
-3.0 blocks

Russ Career High Stats (while teammates with Durant):

-28.1 ppg
-8.6 assists
-2.1 steals

After the hosts reminded KD of Russ’ existence, Durant was quick to amend his list and boot Ibaka from a list he has no business being on.

“I did forget about Russ. Russ would definitely be top 5. As a matter of fact, I’d put Russ fourth and Klay fifth.”

Still, some nifty editing in the initial clip caused many to dust off the “KD Petty AF” takes. But, like, how do you forget about a dude who’s logged 7 straight triple doubles and is 10 shy of Oscar Robertson’s career mark? Was this just a brain fart or a calculated omission from KD? We will never really know, but the internet has already made up its mind, including a guy who should know how sports media operates.

Odds are, KD genuinely forgot about Russ. But given their history and Durant’s affinity for grudges, an over-reaction was destined to happen. You are who the public wants you to be. What a curse.


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