Jay Cutler ‘Is Like The Pretty Girl That Doesn’t Wear Makeup’ According To Bears Thirsty WR Kevin White

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Jay Cutler Chicago Bears v New England Patriots

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Sports Illustrated reporter Ben Baskin did a profile on Chicago Bears wide receiver Kevin White and revealed a dynamite quote from Kev on beleaguered QB Jay Cutler as Baskin was leaving White’s apartment…

“Jay is like the pretty girl that doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t go out, so nobody really know that she’s pretty.”

Has there even been a better quote from a wideout about his quarterback? That’s lurv right there. This vaults past Terrell Owens crying about Tony Romo. Kristin Cavallari better be on watch for White attempting a SWOOP. Kev’s probably got a better butternut squash recipe than Cal Gal. Ironic that Cutty’s the chick who doesn’t wear makeup and doesn’t go out and K-Cal does. Opposites attract, right?

Also, Cutler does go out. Jay takes his squad to an intricate puzzle room in Nashville, which looks awesome. And he goes to couples therapy.

According to Baskin, that quote was in June, before the Bennett Brothers went ham on everyone in the NFL. Baskin didn’t include that in his profile of White, which was published on August 3rd, because “it didn’t fit into the piece”. Dude. FIT THAT ‘ISH IN. It’s platinum on gold on diamonds on fleek. There’s gonna be some sensual seduction when the Bears have the ball this season.

ICYMI, Cris Collinsworth named Kevin White as one of his favorite fantasy football picks.

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