Kid Steals Golf Cart, Runs Over His Dad At The Waste Management Phoenix Open, Dad Still Manages To Save His Beer



  • It’s inevitable that something absolutely wild happens at the Waste Management Phoenix Open every year.
  • This year’s wild event involves a kid, a stolen golf cart, and a dad pulling off an epic beer save.
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You never know what you’re going to get at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

No, actually, that’s not true at all, you know exactly what you’re going to get thousands upon thousands of rowdy drunk golf fans.

The tournament consistently delivers a great viewing experience with just how crazy the scene is at the Par 3 16th. Plus, year after year, at least a handful of epic clips from fans on the grounds catch everyone’s attention on social media.

This year is no different, we’re not even to the weekend yet and some kid has already produced one of the greatest fan videos not only in golf history but in the history of sports.

A kid saw an unattended golf cart at the tournament and had to jump in it because all kids love golf carts. Whoever was in charge of the cart made the extremely bold decision of leaving the keys in it. The kid’s dad certainly didn’t know it, because the next thing he knew his son was doing his best to mow over fans.

The Beer Was Saved

With his son driving straight toward the putting green and nearly taking out multiple people, he had the very tough job of multitasking. He certainly didn’t want to see his kid run over someone at the tournament, but he also didn’t want to lose the beer he undoubtedly paid $14 for. Sure, he lost a few sips of the beer, but that bottle stayed relatively upright throughout the whole ordeal.

The part about not checking to see if the cart had keys in it wasn’t the proudest parenting moment ever – again, shame on the person who left the keys in it in the first place – but the fact he didn’t lose his beer and his kid didn’t fully run over another human is elite parenting.