Watch This Nets Fan Get Dragged Out Of The Garden By Security, Minus His Prosthetic Leg

Look bro, you got to go, you’re causing a raucous. Gather up your stuff and let’s go. Don’t forget your…leg?

An unruly Brooklyn Nets fan was “escorted” out of Madison Square Garden last night, minus his fake leg, which stuck around to watch the Nets win 98-93. The leg also bought an ice cream cone. Fun night.

This isn’t his first scrap with security. Check this out — “”If you’ve been to a Nets game at the Barclays Center, you probably know Jeffrey Gamblero. He is the guy in the Nets’ jersey, wearing neon usually, and glasses dancing around the lower level of the stadium. He is a positive influence on the game and is well received by most of the people attending the game. Well, clearly Madison Square Garden wasn’t to happy to see Gamblero get excited about his beloved Nets playing well.”

True fan.

H/T Gothamist