NFL Network’s Kyle Brandt Annihilates Tom Brady Over Another Handshake Snub: ‘It’s Bush League’

NFL Analyst Kyle Brandt Rips Tom Brady Over Sore Loser Handshake Snubs

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Count NFL Network analyst Kyle Brandt among those who are tired of seeing Tom Brady snub opposing quarterbacks looking for a post-game handshake after tough Buccaneers losses.

Brandt went off Tuesday morning on Brady over his growing pattern of unsportsmanlike behavior when things don’t go his way.

“It’s a really bad look when the other quarterback is sitting there shaking your teammates’ hands, clearly loitering around waiting for you. It’s a bad look for Brady. It’s a bad look for the Bucs. I think it’s a bad look for the league,” said Brandt.

Brandt also added that if any kids out there watched what Brady did fans should just tell them flat out, “We point at that and say it’s bush league. Don’t do that. It’s a very clear message. Sit there next to your son and be like, ‘See what Tom Brady’s doing? Never do that. It’s a terrible look.’

“He said afterwords he’s disappointed. Well, so is every quarterback who lost to you and came and shook your hand. That’s part of the game.”

Interestingly, the two quarterbacks Brady has snubbed this season, Nick Foles and Jared Goff, are both players he faced in a Super Bowl.

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Brandt continued, “If Baker Mayfield pulled that or if Cam Newton pulled that, they would be annihilated in the opening segment of every radio show and every TV show in the world.”

He’s certainly not wrong there.

“So here we go again. Can someone please ask Tom Brady why he did that last night as Jared Goff was standing there, after outplaying him and beating him. … He’s not above that. I don’t care what he’s accomplished. He should be obligated to answer the question about why you did that?”

Of course, the Brady defenders came flocking like Taylor Swift fans and the Beyhive.

Brady must have some kind of hidden relationship with 22-year-old Justin Herbert that no one knows about I guess?