NBA Fans Turn Kyrie Irving’s Odd Comment About ‘Normal People’ Into A+ Meme

NBA Fans Turn Kyrie Irving's 'Normal People' Remark Into Hilarious Meme

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  • Kyrie Irving issued a very interesting statement after extending his contract with the Nets
  • The guard attempted to differentiate himself from the “normal people” he referenced
  • NBA fans seized on the chance to create a new meme

It’s been a little over a week since the most recent round of rumors began to swirl concerning the newest batch of trouble that seemed to be brewing in Brooklyn courtesy of Kyrie Irving, who had reportedly caught the eye of a number of NBA teams interested in making a trade for the guard who seems to be surrounded in a cloud of controversy in the same way dirt constantly swirls around Charlie Brown’s friend Pigpen.

Irving didn’t do much to squash the speculation he was looking for a new home earlier this week, and a report claiming the Nets had given him permission to seek a trade made it seem like it was only a matter of time until he took his talents elsewhere.

Things subsequently took a very interesting turn on Monday night when we learned Irving had decided to exercise his option with the team, which was fairly surprising until you consider he had 37 million very good reasons to do so as opposed to the $6 million he would’ve likely had to settle for if a rumored sign-and-trade with the Lakers had come to fruition.

However, it didn’t take long for the focus to shift to the incredibly on-brand statement Irving shared with Shams Charania after the news broke where the self-proclaimed leader compared “those who dare to be different” (presumably a reference to himself) to the “normal people” who merely “keep the world going.”

Those words didn’t come as a huge shock when you consider Irving has a long history of saying things that sound like that person you knew in college who had their third eye opened with the help of too many mushroom trips and YouTube videos about conspiracy theories—and it didn’t take NBA fans too long to seize on the chance to take advantage of a hot new meme.

Nailed it.