Finally, You Can Go Toe-To-Toe With Terrell Owens… At Human Bowling?

It’s every bro’s dream to one day go toe-to-toe with an NFL star — let alone six-time Pro-Bowler, Terrell Owens. Be it a 40-yard-dash, a pass rush, or even just an arm wrestle, your desire to relive intramural greatness against one of the league’s greatest wide receivers… is palpable.

But did you ever really think you’d have the opportunity to take on T.O. personally? Especially at Human Bowling, Giant Slingshot or even Keg-O-War? We didn’t. Time to sign up your squad for the Labatt Blue Undomesticated Games and see if you have what it takes to take T.O. down.

Whether it’s your fantasy football bros or your cutest office cube mates (there’s a two female minimum per team), Labatt Blue is unleashing their series of rather athletically un-athletic olympics on America this summer and want you to give it thee ol’ college try.

And if you can’t give that, just go and watch what should be a hilarious good time from the Labatt Blue Zone. Participants are promised swag, t-shirts, food, beer (21 and over) and rather spectacular social media posts — at the very least.

T.O. will be there to kick-off the first event on July 9th in Erie, PA, at Liberty Park. But if you can’t make that one and want to embarrass yourself at any of the other four being hosted in Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland or Saratoga Springs, please don’t let us stop you.

You can’t brag if you don’t win.

See you out there.